There is a prophecy among the deer. One day, a fawn will be born with the mark of an oak leaf upon his forehead. His courage will lead the other deer to freedom; his strength will defeat their greatest enemy.

Rannoch was born on the night his father was murdered. In a herd where hunger for power has destroyed all that is good, he must escape to survive. Hunted by stags with antlers sharpened for the kill, Rannoch begins his treacherous journey. But he will return to face the destiny that he was born for; to conquer the force that drove him away...


When the Lore is bruised and broken, Shattered like a blasted tree, Then shall Herne be justly woken, born to set the Herla free.

On his brow a leaf of oaken, Changling child shall be his fate, Understanding words strange spoken, chased by anger, fear, and hate.

He shall flee o'er hill and heather, and shall go where no deer can, knowing secrets dark to Lera. till his need shall summon man.

Air and water,earth and fire, all shall ease his bitter pain, till the elements conspire to restore the Island Chain.

First the High Land grass shall flower, as he quests through wind and snow, then he breaks an ancient power, and returns to face his woe.

When the lord of lies upbraids him, then his wrath shall cloak the sun, and the Herla's foe shall aid him to confront the evil one.

Sacrifice shall be his meaning, he the darkest secret learn,truths of man and beast revealing, touching on the heart of Herne.

Fawn of moonlight ever after, so shall all the Herla sing. For his days shall herald laughter, born a healer and a king.

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