The Sight

A partial picture of Larka's face

Larka is a solid white she-wolf with golden eyes.She is from The Sight.


  • 1 powers
  • 2 family


Larka was born with the powers of the Sight. She was able to touch the first power, the ability to see through the eyes of birds, at an early age when she saw through Kraar's eyes during a hunt. Later she honed this ability by training with the steppe eagle Skart, Tsarr's Helper. Her connection with Skart became so strong that she was often able to feel what he felt (such as the wind on his wings), and even speak through him.
Not long after, Larka touched the power to see visions in the water when she looked into a trough in an abandoned castle. First she could only see images of the past and the present, but soon she was able to direct her sight into the future. This power showed her many important things, such as the location of the rebel's hideout in the Valley of Kosov, and even her own death at Harja.
After Morgra summoned the Searchers into the real world, Larka soon developed the ability to touch the minds of other living things. Her first experience with this is when she hears the dreams of the rebels shortly after she rescues her parents from Slavka.


Mother: Palla
Father: Huttser
Brother: Fell
Aunts: Kipcha, Morgra
Uncle: Skop

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